ABC News - Unbelievable

Forwarded from Major General (ret) Buckman, a close friend of my cousin.
Subject:ABC News
My niece, Katelyn, stationed at Baluud , Iraq was assigned, with others of her detachment, to be escort/guard/ watcher for Martha Raddatz of ABC News as she covered John McCain's recent trip to Iraq . Katelyn and her Captain stood directly behind Raddatz as she queried GI's walking past. They kept count of the GI's and you should remember these numbers. She asked 60 GI's who they planned to vote for in November. 54 said John McCain, 4 for Obama and 2 for Hillary. Katelyn called home and told her Mom and Dad to watch ABC news the next night because she was standing directly behind Raddatz and maybe they'd see her on TV. Mom and Dad of course, called and emailed all the kinfolk to watch the newscast and maybe see Katelyn. Well, of course, we all watched and what we saw wasn't a glimpse of Katelyn, but got a hell' uva view of skewed news. After a dissertation on McCain's trip and speech, ABC showed 5 GI's being asked by Raddatz how they were going to vote in November; 3 for Obama and 2 for Clinton . No mention of the 54 for McCain.


This came to me via email from a trusted friend with solid military connections. While I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the article, Martha Raddatz is a well-known reporter for ABC News.
I learned today that ABC will host a McCain-Obama "Town Hall" in the near future.
The Main-Lining Media is nothing more than a Pravda Clone, preaching the glories of a Socialist government. What they FAIL to realize that, if their dreams come true, they will be hamstrung, then the hand-wringing anf sobbing will begin. I refuse to watch, and refuse to accept this leftist drivel. (and will NOT watch their commercials, advertisers!!!)
Maybe that’s the ticket, call or e-mail the advertisers on the ABCNBCCBSCNNMSNBC cabal and TELL THEM you refuse to patronize their products when they enable this tripe.

To those of us who took part at the Gathering of Eagles in 2007 in Washington DC, we saw firsthand how the media shamelessly distorts things for its own agendas when we watched the news coverage that night that was one-sided and bore little resemblance to the actual events.
I don’t know if this is true, but it would not surprise me one bit.
Just what I would have expected...the big nets are in the tank for Barry.
Another VERY GOOD reason to beat HUSSEIN BARRY
Radatz came to ABC from NPR. “Nough said.”
The absentee wotes will not be counted either, again.