Obama Delivers Intensely-Religious Prayer Breakfast Speech: ‘As Christians We Place Our Faith in the Nail-Scarred Hands of Jesus Christ’
Feb. 7, 2013 9:56am Billy Hallowell

This morning, President Barack Obama spoke at the annual National Prayer Breakfast address, during which he highlighted his Christian faith, praised Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Lincoln and encouraged the nation, despite intense ideological differences, to find common ground. Painting a stark difference when compared to past speeches in which he pointed to a more complex and less flattering picture of Christian scripture, Obama heralded the Bible as a sustaining document with the power to teach important lessons.

At the beginning of his address, he said that the annual National Prayer Breakfast is an opportunity for the nation to come together “not as Democrats or Republicans, but as brothers and sisters and children of God.” This theme of togetherness was one that followed throughout the president’s speech, as he told those in attendance that the United States is a country that is continuously humbled by its history and “ever-attentive to our imperfections.”
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