Sunday mornin at the DUmp...

Sun Feb 10, 2013, 05:11 AM

I took a friend to the emergency room at 3am Saturday morning.

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Since I have become a vampire,I was up filing my fangs when the phone rang. When I saw the name on caller id,I knew this would not be a happy call whatever it was.

When I answered, I heard her gasping in pain and asking me to take her to the hospital. I live about 4 blocks away, so I threw on some jeans and such and raced over to her house.

When I got out, I could hear her moaning at the back door. I practically carried her to the car. I put my hazard lights on and took off. I know it's a small town because there was NOBODY on the roads. I went through 5 red lights after checking for oncoming cars or whatever.

As I am Pettying my way around town, she is doubled over and screaming at a couple of points. Whatever the hell is going on could range from deadly to extremely painful but not fatal. I talk to her as best I can.

There is more in the post but...does anyone really care????