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  1. #1 An appreciation thread for The Magistrate 
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    Oh brother, what a suckup post. Could be a Mole too!!!

    Sun Feb 10, 2013, 02:29 AM

    An appreciation thread for The Magistrate

    Perhaps this belongs in Meta, but I thought it would get more views here.

    The Magistrate, despite his low level of posting (relatively), has greatly enhanced DU for at least 2 reasons that I would like to mention here.

    1 - He is just so damned polite! If for no other reason, he has elevated the discussion here simply by his use of "Sir" and "Madam". I have noticed that in replying to The Magistrate people automatically use these honorifics. I have also noticed that others have begun to use the same honorifics. Without realizing it consciously, I believe that this has sub-consciously elevated the level of discussion helping to avoid the "name-calling" that is so common on so many sites to actually constructive conversation, in that we actually respect the opinions of others.

    Using such honorifics does not preclude such respect, but I think it does have an underlying effect. If someone shows open respect for you as a person, then it is easier for them to have an open discussion with you.

    2 - Impeccable logic. I would like to suggest a meme - "don't fuck with The Magistrate". I don't see him posting here until he has had time to thoroughly think things out. Once he has made a decision, his logic is almost unassailable. He also has a knack for explaining his logic for the layman. I get the impression that in many issues he is waiting for more information. But once he posts an opinion, you better believe that he has thought it out and his logic is impeccable. If you try to argue with him, he will (respectfully) tear apart any argument you can imagine with logic that cannot be argued with.

    Personally, the only reason I would ever argue with The Magistrate would be to "pick his brain" and learn from him.

    DU is lucky to have MANY excellent writers, and a plethora of opinions. I would personally like to see The Magistrate post his initial impressions more, just so that I can see how his thought processes evolve. I am sure that sometimes his opinions change over time.

    Which is what we need - initial impressions are often driven by emotional responses. Many times people cling to their initial emotional response. But what we need is serious analysis, even if it means that we change our opinions and have to admit WE WERE WRONG.
    Good old Mag does have his widdle following on DU.

    In reality, all he brings to a lot of threads is pure bully tactics. I'm shocked "Mr. Bully" Pitt doesn't call him on his crap but of course...

    The Magistrate is always right, if you disagree, refer to the beginning of this sentence.
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    He's as biased and illogical as the rest of you idiots, he's just a bigger gasbag about it.
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  3. #3 Oh barf! 
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    Snarky bullshit draped in flowery prose is still snarky bullshit. But they love that moron so much that even strongly disagreeing with him will get you banned. They suck up to him as much as they did to that idiot Nance Greggs.
    Support diversity. Own firearms of every caliber.
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    In other words ...

    Kiss the Tyrants ass a lot and often if want to stay alive ... but its not a guarantee.
    CU's Paranormal Expert.

    Keep your powder dry, your sword sharp and your wits intact.
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