*Facepalm* – CNN hack Deb Feyerick now pondering – is an approaching asteroid, ‘example of, perhaps, global warming?’ (Video)

In the 1970s, it was the coming ice age. Then it became global warming with left wing media hacks like Deb Feyerick using their left wing networks like CNN to spew lies about how doomed we all were because of ‘global warming.’ There is an asteroid expected to pass by our planet on February, from outer space. Yet Deb Feyerick brings on bow tie goober Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ to ask him, if this asteroid flying through space is an ‘example of, perhaps, global warming?’ Oy vey. Of course, the blizzard that went through the east coast was blamed on global warming, just like Hurricane Sandy. Yet, while the east was getting pounded, Los Angeles was seeing near record cold temperatures and even hail coming out of the sky. Let me guess, this is another ‘example of global warming’ too?


The stupid is strong with her. Apparently, global warming now causes asteroids to approach the planet, which means that it's not just global warming, it's solar-system warming, or perhaps even galactic warming!