Barry is going to focus on the economy during the State of the Union Address? That's hilarious. The other 364 days of the year the guy doesn't give a crap about the economy, now it's important.

I'll help with the speech: "Republicans caused the economic problems in the country and they are blocking my attempts at fixing the economy. My fair and balanced approach calls for a tax increase on some of our top earners. I don't know why Republicans continue to block my efforts to fix the economy. They broke it but don't want to fix it. White people love Chris Rock. Why won't they listen to him after he just told them that I am the daddy and Michele is the mommy of the country. They broke the economy but won't let me fix it (repeat 100 more times)".

But seriously, how were the American people duped into believing that this clown shoes has any kind of intelligence? I've seen nothing in five years from this guy that he even understands the most basic principles of finance or economics, or law. People think he's crafty but I see him as predictable as a Democrat that wants to raise taxes.

The economy as the focus of his address cracks me up. He deflects and dodges every attempt to talk about it until he can have a captive audience and blame everyone and anyone but himself. Also look for some gun-grabbing and vagueness regarding immigration.