What a shame...

Mon Feb 11, 2013, 08:46 AM

Grayson: “They got rid of me for two years, but now I’m back”

Grayson Returns Emboldened

“They got rid of me for two years, but now I’m back,” Florida Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson said with a wide grin. To clarify, the Alan Grayson — the insult-dishing, left-wing lightning rod, cable TV mainstay — is back.

. . . Grayson said the House historian informed him the victory, a 43-point swing from his 2010 loss, was the biggest comeback in history of the House . . .

Asked whether Democrats, who fiercely protested George W. Bush’s aggressive use of executive power to fight terrorism, should be protesting President Barack Obama’s similar policies, Grayson quickly pivots to an attack on Republicans.

“They love the taste of blood,” Grayson said. “They’re consistently pro-war, consistently pro-killing foreigners. They view the entire world as either a massive inconvenience or something they feel is a personal threat. One or the other. They don’t recognize the world as full of human beings.”

“I’m just honest! OK?” he said, later adding, “Honestly, I get all sorts of atta boys from people because I have the chance to appear on TV frequently, and they don’t, and I say the things that everyone else is thinking here but nobody else has the chance to say . . ."

Grayson, consistently a moron along with the idiots who voted for him.