Another Federal Government Takeover: Common Core Curriculum

In recent years, the federal government has succeeded in expanding their control over health care, financial markets, the auto industry, the coal industry, and more. Now they have gained greater control over our nation’s public school systems with a program that one Georgia lawmaker calls “No Child Left Behind on steroids.”

The federal government is in the process of fundamentally transforming America’s historically decentralized public school system into a nationalized system. They call it the Common Core Curriculum and it is sweeping across the country with a vengeance. 45 states have already fallen into line, accepting federal government grant money in exchange for adopting what amounts to a new national curriculum for math and language arts. But a few states have refused the offer, including Texas, Alaska, Virginia, Minnesota, and Nebraska. Now Georgia is considering reversing its position by rejecting it too.

To help put this into perspective, American school systems operated just fine without any national oversight for about 200 years, until 1980. Before that, there was no federal agency to oversee state and local school districts. All that changed when the Department of Education was signed into law by President Jimmy Carter on October 17, 1979. Today this agency has a massive annual budget of over $50 billion.

But not to worry. As President Obama likes to say, the government does not spend money, it “invests.”

So what has America gotten from this “investment?” Based on standardized test scores, the Department of Education has been a dismal failure. Test scores have been declining steadily for decades. In 2012, reading scores on the SAT hit a 40 year low. According to the College Board, over half the students, 57%, did not score well enough to indicate likely success in college. So it looks like the Department of Education has been another losing investment from our federal government. What a shocker!

But while the Department of Education has delivered dismal test scores, they have succeeded in two things… expanding their own power and spending more taxpayer money....

The Common Core Curriculum discussed in the article ensures homogenous mediocrity. No doubt the Feds objective is to dumb down every kid until they all reach the illiterate level. It appears that they are already about half way there. But that is not far enough for our authoritarian Mercedes Marxist and crew ...

Search "Outcome-Based Education versus Trivium-Based Education" and see how bad our educational system is. It will shock you.