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  1. #1 Ex Cop turned murderer is the new Liberal hero? 
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    I was listening to Quinn and Rose this morning and they were saying about the Ex-Cop who became a murderer as being the liberals new hero ... Apparently this moron is a die hard liberal, who is also a Peirs Morgan fan and stout obama supporter, not to mention in favor of a gun ban. Can someone please explain to me that vileness of a liberal here? How can they be not only so stupid, but also extremely hateful towards law biding citizens, but yet worship morons like this? Talk about no morals or values at all .. There is always exceptions on the left. But the left doesn't give the right any kind of exception they would give one of their own.

    They were reading some of the things that have come up about him. Facebook fan pages, how the MSM is making him sound like a innocent victum, etc, etc, etc. Weren't they calling him a conservative psychopath before they found out he was a liberal? That shows that if he was a conservative, things would be completely different.

    Have any of you also noticed that the last seven (?) mass shootings were all done by liberals. What does that tell you? Stupid people, they are .. .
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