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Okay, fine, women who have abortions never have children at all, if you prefer to believe that. As to what abortion reasons I would legally restrict, those covered by current law.
But the laws vary wildly from state to state. In N.Y. and CA, the only restriction on abortions is that the patient be pregnant and, possibly, female, although parts of California may not even require that. Your answer is a blatant cop out, because we all know that feminists refuse to entertain any restrictions on abortion. I really want to hear you identify one restriction that you would accept. For example, would you support parental notification in the case of minors? Bans on a non-custodial person transporting minors across state lines in order to circumvent state laws? Informed consent laws? Laws requiring that a baby that survives an abortion be treated? Pick one, or provide one of your own examples, but do us the courtesy of answering the question honestly.

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