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  1. #1 The Ridiculousness Of The Left 
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    We have a blatant anti-Semite who's about to be Secy of Defense, we have a potential Secy of the Treasury who has offshore accounts, we have an outgoing Secy of State who fumbled the ball and the end result was 4 dead Americans including an ambassador, a national debt heading to $17 trillion, 8% unemployment, but what is the big story? Marco Rubio drank water. Oh the horror! A man was thirsty! I mean the left is exploding over this:

    Just goes to show how good his response was if the only beef they have is that he drank water.
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    It appears that Obama has no people of honor in his administration. Of the most recent cabinet nominees you have

    Kerry who faked an injury to get out of Vietnam before his tour was over (served 4 months) and came up to critize the Military that he swore to be loyal too.

    Lew who has done most everything that Obama demonized Romney for doing. Took a million dollar bonus from Citicorp made possible by tax payer dollars, has offshore bank accounts

    Hagel who has absolutely no creditials that qualify him to be the Secretary of Defense. He appears to have no real interest in the position as demonstrated by his total lack of preparedness for his conformation hearings.

    Obama himself has zero honor so I guess he wants to surround himself with like minded people. He is a liar who will say what ever is expedient for him to say at the moment. He pretends to care for the middle class as he prepares to tax the middle class out of existence. He calls on raising taxes on businesses knowing full well that those tax increases will be passed on to the consumers who are mostly middle class. He passes some bureaucratic nightmare nicknamed Obama care that is going to do to consumers everything thing he said it won't do and none of the things he promised it would do. He called the deficit under Bush harmful and unpatriotic while he himself increased (and is increasing) the deficit to unimaginable levels.

    I could go on all day posting the things he promised or said verses the things he has actually done. He really makes me sick, but what makes me sicker is how them media gives him a pass and never calls him on his lies. Those libs who support him get screwed by his policies and think is really a OK guy. Too gutless to speak the truth and too arrogant to admit their mistake.
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