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The things I like are History, games, and political debate(though I keep from that for reasons explained bellow).

Politically I'm sorta like a Conservative Liberatarian. I tend to avoid social issues, like abortion and Gay marriage, as I see them as little more than distractions from the real fight. Though that doesn't mean that I avoid moral issues! I dispise the welfare system and the economic regulation(slavery) that is forced down our throats by a massive statist government.

One thing ya'll are probably going to ride on me is that I don't really think that Obama is a socialist, he gives lip service to it(obviously), but I don't believe he truely believes it in his bones. I'll be damned what his ideology is, though.

Over all I think the United States has followed a more merchantilistic tract. It is incredibly easy to mix the two. Both Socialism and merchantilism share two core concepts: That wealth is fixed and it can not be created and that the economy must bow to the wishes of the state. The latter is the key though. If wealth is fixed an can not be created, then the rich is obviously the the most evil group in existance because the obviously stole that wealth from someone else(total nonsense of course). Ideologically they're rather different, in practice they're almost identical. I believe that neo-merchantilists are hiding behind socialism to carry out their skewed aims.

This is probably complete BS, and I'm sorry you had to read it all, but that is what you get for not being able to speak out loud your political views for 6 months.

Also I live in dayton Job Corps, please don't hold that against me