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  1. #1 Could you be friends with a Nazi?? 
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    And It's kentuck's turn to push a talking point!!!!

    Thu Feb 14, 2013, 05:07 PM

    Could you be friends with a Nazi??

    Of course not!

    Because their beliefs are anathema to your own.

    But, could you be friends with someone that votes to keep other American citizens from exercising their right to vote? In other words, could you be friends with someone that wants to exempt some of our citizens from voting and agrees with those that create long lines and obstacles to prevent them from voting?

    Could you be friends with someone that supports racist policies? Could you be friends with someone that refuses to compromise on anything, even something that might prevent Americans from being killed, such as control and registration of assault weapons?

    Could you be friends with someone that has so little respect for working poor and the needy of this country?

    Is it really about "bi-partisanship"? Is it really just "politics" and should have no bearing on whether we are friends with a person or not??
    Bad Nazi!!!
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    Well, I guess I can't be friends with any DUmbass then.
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    I have long said that I prefer the company of an honest enemy over a dishonest friend.

    Werner Erhard once said that friends are people who want something from you. It's not a nice way of looking at things, but it tends to be true. The older you get, the narrower your definition of friendship.

    I have had a falling out with my cousin-brother over his association with the Human Rights Campaign. I feel that this once fiercely independently thinking and disagreeably superior person is in his later years making his views conform to those of his associates in exchange for acceptance. It's sad, because it's hand in hand with his semi-retirement. When he was busy making money, he didn't have time for such people and now that he's switched to a sort of dowager role he seems to have given up his misanthropy.

    I would not be surprised at all to find that I prefer the company of what Duers would consider a Nazi over that of a hippie.
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    It seems no one at DU knows what a Nazi is.

    Asking for ID is not racist, saying black people are too stupid to get ID, is.

    The Nazis took firearms away from citizens, Moonbats want to do the same thing here.

    The Nazis had a very large all controling socialist government that ran all aspects of the German people's lives, and this is what the Moonbats want.

    If Moonbats want to know who the Nazis are, try looking in the mirror.
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