Darlene the dog (as she's called on the antibiotic prescription filled at Publix) had her dental Tuesday. The vet gave her a small sample of Hill's t/d food. She and Bella gobbled down the 4 large pieces of kibble in record time.

It supposedly drastically reduces tartar and plaque on their teeth. After paying the $292 for the dental (got a 10% February dental month discount plus had already paid for bloodwork in December, so didn't have to pay that), I'm wondering if it would be worth coughing up the cash for that prescription food. I'm sure the theory of the vet is to get our food biz, but those 2 greys aren't exactly like feeding a chihuahua. The vet suggested this prescription food for 1/4 of their diet. The brochure said to totally substitute their food for all their other food.

The usual price of the dental here is almost $400. Maybe we should try some fo that food. Please if anyone else has used it, let us know.