Picture of the Albanian Bride and new Inlaws !.........Quick,Someone tell CW about these girls !

Nema snahe bez Albanke
Mićo Tanasković doveo u selo Družetići prvu snahu iz Skadra. Dok se stariji iščuđavaju, neženje se raspituju ima li još devojaka koje bi došle u ovo selo. U kuću Tanaskovića uskoro stiže i nevesta za starijeg sina

Tanaskovic brought in village Druzetici daughter-in-law from Skadar, Albania. While older people are surprissed, bachelors from village are inquiring are there more girls willing to com In village. In house of tanaskovic, soon, a Albanian bride will arrive for older son, as well.

Gornji Milanovac, Serbia

After the long years of wishing and secretly hoping that they will finally get daughter-in-law, these days wishes came trough for felthy farmer Radic Tanaskovic(72) and his wife Dusanka. Their son Mico (36) brought in the house a bride Merita from Skadar, Albania, and with little luck, in a few month his brother Rados (44) will bring another bride in the house, Tonja (Tonya) a girl already spoken for him, also from Albania.

“My friend, our household is singing from joy since bride Merita came over doorstep! Anyone can say what they want, but we are overjoyed with Albanian Bride. She is getting along fine with our son, and she respects wife and me so much that it is embarrassing sometimes. She is first up in the morning, cocks coffee, and serve it first to me and my wife, than her brother-in-law and than her husband, she than does all the housework. When she finishes, she goes to work in the field. We dont allow her do fieldwork, we believe that those are not jobs for a bride, but she says that those are her duties. Nothing is hard for her.
Merita looks like our own girls looked like several decades ago, when they were all patriarchal brought-up.

Mother-in-law says:
I don't have a daughter, but i have got one. Merita is a help and relief for all the houseworks. She learned many things in her own house, and what she didn't knew, she asked me to teach her. true, she doesent speaks Serbian yet, but souls can understand each other!
Since Merita came in to the house, sun is shining brighter for us!

Her husband says:
“What could I have done other than go to Albania to look for a bride? My friend from the army, Artur, Albanian from Montenegro, came to visit me one day and saw that I'm still unmarried. He offered to help me, to bring a bride from Albania. He knows a nice and honorable girl from Skadar, and she is from nice Catholic family, and willing to marry a Serb Orthodox. My brother rados and I sat on the train and went to Albania, in the house of Marticanaj family. When her family graded me that I am good for her daughter, all was set.

There are more and more people that are coming to Merita and me asking her does she have a girlfriend or a cousin ready for marriage.