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    Quote Originally Posted by marv View Post
    The decision will be on an individual basis I think. The considerations will be; own vs. rent, how close to retirement, children in school, etc.
    One thing being mentioned thou is no one knows where the workers are coming from, as unemployment there is not all that high. Your right about qualification, age and so forth, but they will likely be offered a grand or two to cover moving cost, or serve as their severance package if they choose not to move.

    Lower tier workers will likely be dropped in favor of local help. People like janitors, and general no skills needed workers. But I would expect them o try and cut turn-over in the move so they don't have to replace so many.

    Another aspect, I wonder how many of these people are union, being Ill. State Farm could say no more union with the move and chop cost that way too.
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    The politics and all can be very interesting. Job transfer costs can easily be in the five figure area just to start with.

    At one time, I was making mortgage payments on three homes, two pending sales!
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