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The writing is too obvious. You could tell when he said that they had done their job and produced an heir, the father finally admitted that the SIL's more modern ways were saving their way of life and that the young couple kept talking about how wonderful things are, that it was going to hit.

Now we'll have to wait til next season to see if Mary marries again, the fate of the spinster/about to be mistress sister and whether the ex-chauffeur/BIL will end up with either of the sisters. Does this sound like a high class soap opera?
While I was glad to see the whiny Matthew leave the show, I was disappointed in the cliché ending. Seriously, my mother was letting the dog out and I called to her, "Oh Jeeze, Matthew's driving a car, they're going to kill him." and I didn't know that he had announced he was leaving the show.

And what is up with a "season" starting in January and ending in February. What kind of soap opera is this?

So here are my predictions:

Branson ends up with Lady Mary. The two of them have lost the loves of their lives. Barf.....

Edith scandalizes York with her relationship with the editor and goes to live in London.

O'Brien goes to Bombay with the Marchioness of Flintshire.

Thomas and Jimmy actually become a couple, but Jimmy is cheating on him with Branson.

Anna and Bates actually become a wad of chewing gum.

Shrimpy's daughter annoys us all so much that we simply stop watching.

Julien Fellowes splices series one with Brideshead Revisited to make a Christmas special... and no one notices.