I've been too busy getting ready for this to get the word out. The company that runs the prison I work for has several other prisons in Texas, decisions were made here that there are too many issues in this little Arizona town, our family and friends are still in the Midwest, applications were sent in, and one was finally approved. Monday morning is the first day, I'll be on the road this weekend.

Admittedly, the CO job is just to get me down there. The Dallas/Ft. Worth area has stacks of IT jobs listed, a few conversations with some agencies indicate I've got a pretty good shot at getting one of them once I have a TX address. The wife and kids are are going to finish out the school year here in AZ, by which time I should have one of those better paying, more intellectually stimulating jobs. Taking a pay cut for the move, which is really going to suck, but the long term benefits should be well worth it.