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  1. #1 Chris Christie: “I’m not much different from Andrew Cuomo…” 
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    This should tell you nearly everything you need to know about Chris Christie:

    This week’s edition of the Glens Falls Chronicle features an interview with Larry Bulman, former Saratoga County Democratic chairman and a South Glens Falls native who, in his new job as political director for the United Association of Plumbers, Pipefitters and Steamfitters recently got 90 minutes of face time with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

    The conservative Republican called in Bulman to thank him for a donation the union made to Sandy relief efforts in the state, and they chatted about where Christie likes to eat near Lake George as well as his neighboring governor, Democrat Andrew Cuomo.

    [Bulman] said when he told Mr. Christie he is from upstate New York, “he said, ‘I’m not much different from Andrew Cuomo. I probably agree with him on 98% of the issues.’ ” Mr. Bulman said Gov. Christie “sees value in the building trades, which are private sector unions. He complimented us and said he uses us as an example of a pro-business
    I seem to remember a lot of conservatives hoping for him to join the presidential race......not I......

    More at link....

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    God help us if this clown gets the nomination...which I highly doubt will happen anyway.
    Land of the Free because of the Brave

    ”He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither.” Benjamin Franklin.
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    ‘I’m not much different from Andrew Cuomo. I probably agree with him on 98% of the issues.’
    And in other news...water is wet.

    Way to go Krispy Kreme...confirm what 99% of the GOP already knew.

    Now just close the loop and switch parties.
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    I won't support him. Never, never I tell you..

    I love my God, my country, my flag, and my troops ....
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