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You're right, it wasn't stupid. It's something more sinister. They are more akin to the propaganda agents of dictators, subversives to our way of life. They take advantage of informationally challenged people, those who believe everything they hear or see on tv, the low info people. But it all seems to be toward a common purpose. The Dems have changed the MSM into one huge propaganda tool.
The MSM was always sympathetic to the Dems, but the Clinton scandals marked the turning point when they went from informing us, albeit reluctantly, about Democratic malfeasance, to outright obfuscation and propagandizing.
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Anymore, I simply refer to them as the American Pravda.
That's unfair to the editors of Pravda. Stalin would have murdered them and their families if they didn't obey his orders. The MSM has no excuse.
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Gas prices went up 40% in one month here in south Florida. I'm glad President Hussein can relate to the rest of us.
It's the one campaign promise that he is set on keeping. He promised massive hikes in energy costs and a war on coal.
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For what it's worth, I don't think Obama has any pictures of his father playing golf with Jack Nicklaus or Arnold Palmer, either.
Barack Sr didn't spend much time in the US after he ditched the family, and I don't believe he played much golf after he lost his legs due to his drunk driving accident.