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  1. #1 At 102 Years Old, Birthday Girl Finally Stops Smoking 
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    Birthday girl Clara Cowell has proved that it's never too late to change bad habits. At 102 years old, she finally quit smoking after picking up the habit in 1931. She did not even quit smoking because of her health - she finally stopped the habit because her family was worried that falling ash would set her house on fire.

    According to the Daily Mail, Ms. Cowell has smoked two to three cigarettes a day since picking up the habit - amounting to about 60,000 cigarettes in her lifetime. But the centenarian finally quit at the urges of her family, who worried about the safety of her habit.
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    A key factor is they said she only smokes 2 or 3 a day, quite a difference from folks who smoke a pack or more a day. She probably has fantastic genes that helps. I noticed they didn't post a pic. She probably has lines like craters running through her face.

    I've noticed that the women in my neighborhood who depend on Botox and facelifts, etc, are either current or former smokers. There's a noticeable difference in appearance between non-smokers and long time smokers.

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