"I just learned today that "food stamps" distributions are way up for illegal aliens. In fact, they've doubled since 2007!Worse than that, we are apparently working with the Mexican government to advertise that "food stamps" are just around the corner, or should I say on north of the border.
This is immoral, insane and an insult to every legal immigrant who came to this land to work and enjoy the rule of law.
This is also surprising because the Mexican economy is actually doing quite well. Mexico is enjoying growth and attracting foreign investment. Mexico is actually becoming a "middle class" country. Furthermore, Forbes called Mexico the "darling of the emerging markets" last summer.
So why are we "partnering" with the Mexican government to look for "food stamps" clients?
The answer is simple. This is not about poverty or hunger. This is about an Obama administration policy of creating dependency and a need to vote Democrat.
I hate to be cynical but that's what it is."