(Reuters) - The U.S. Postal Service, desperate and almost broke, is looking to the wallets of younger Americans for some relief.

The federal government's mail transport and delivery agency this week said it will roll out a line of apparel and accessories it plans to sell in department and specialty stores.

The "Rain Heat & Snow" brand of clothing, named after the Postal Service's motto trumpeting its carriers' determination to overcome whatever Mother Nature can throw at them, would put USPS in the "cutting edge of functional fashion," it said.

"The idea is to blend in with the younger audiences as well as the more educated consumer," said Roy Betts, a spokesman for the Postal Service.
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There is nothing wrong with targeting new advertising to young people and nothing wrong with the clothing line but that is not where their problem lies.
If I want something in a reasonable amount of time at a reasonable price for shipping with accurate tracking and delivery estimates I order or ship with UPS or FEDX.
If I don't care how long it takes or it is a cheap item , ordered from a foreign country, or no other shipping is available i use US Post.
The post office doesn't seem capable of providing accurate tracking for one thing, more times than not their tracking has told me a package was 1000 miles away and it was in my mailbox or it is delivered 1 week to 2 weeks late or a week earlier than the proposed delivery date, if something has much value you don't want to take that chance with a half hazard system.
They need to learn how to use today's technology like other shippers have.
that is just a part of the problem from a customer standpoint.

Other problems involve their bureaucracy, public unions, a pension program that is apparently unmanageable in today's economy and also far more employees than necessary.
I don't know if the government is even capable of running a business that could compete with the private sector.
I know that having a service that will deliver to anyone anywhere in the country is a fantastic convenience but I seriously doubt it can be self supporting for very much longer.
The question really is with the financial condition we are in can we support it, is it more important or less important than everything else our government has decided to take on.
I have a feeling that before long the question will be answered when the camel refuses to get up under the weight and convenient or not many programs and services will have to fall by the wayside.