Rick Scott´s Medicaid Decision is a Big Win for the White House

Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s decision to expand his state’s Medicaid program is a huge political and practical win for President Obama's White House.

Scott, who rose to the governor’s mansion on an anti-Obamacare campaign, also led the legal effort to overturn the president’s health reform law last year. Without the multistate lawsuit led by Florida, expanding state Medicaid programs would never have been optional. Now, he is one of seven Republican governors who have endorsed expanding their programs.

After the Supreme Court ruled that states didn’t have to expand Medicaid to cover all low income residents, Scott very publicly declared victory. “Florida will opt out of spending approximately $1.9 billion more taxpayer dollars required to implement a massive entitlement expansion of the Medicaid program,” said a July press release from the governor’s office. “Since Florida is legally allowed to opt out, that’s the right decision for our citizens,” he said at the time.

But his flip-flop Wednesday shows how difficult it will be for governors to hold out on ideological grounds when the financial incentives to switch are so significant >>>


Looks like we have another Charlie Crist folks. Just put a fork in Rick Scott - he's done. Rinos like this is why Republicans will continue to lose. Thanks in no small part to that Rino Roberts on the Court. Florida will be saddled with this expansion after a few years and the feds cut back the money. Scott is now without a consitutiency and is done, but the real damage to the nation is a win for Obama Care.

Little Ricky may have some competition from his party next time he runs. Now we have to figure which party that is going to be. And finally... (I have to wonder) was he found with a dead female or a live boy? We know who has the pictures.