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How Privileged Are You?
There's a chart for figuring out how privileged you are that I lack the skills to post here and a link to it shows spyware so I can't go to it but some of the replies to the OP are unbelieveable. Case in point:

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MineralMan (50,652 posts)

17. You may be misunderstanding. Being able-bodied

gives you privilege. It's not a privilege that you just exists.

Able-bodied people are not inconvenienced in their daily activities by things like stairs, heavy doors, and other issues. They don't notice that they can go where they want, when they want, and how they want. That is the privilege of being able-bodied.

The point of this chart is to show you ways that privilege accrues to you automatically.

Being aware of how one is privileged is important. Others are not always similarly privileged. Being aware of that, and acting accordingly, you can minimize the impact your innate privilege has on others.

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These dipshit's "thought process" is amazing.