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Sat Feb 23, 2013, 04:04 PM

The GOP Is Pursuing More Than Class War - They Are Pursuing Economic Apartheid.

When you see the growth of gated communities and the squalor of inner cities in contrast you should understand that the GOP desires economic apartheid. If they have their way the US will look a lot more like South Africa. Their idea is that economic separation is good for capitalism.

Even if they are the minority they want to rule by dictatorship similar to what went on in South Africa before the end of apartheid. Politically apartheid may have ended politically there, but it still exists practically if you look at the townships compared to other parts of the country.

In the new US economy we are headed to an economic apartheid where the two societies never meet. And that economy is the plan the GOP and its rich allies want to set in place. All you have to do is look around and see what is happening. Gated and protected communities are growing. Even though these communities use public services, the public cannot enter the gates.

In many cases these communities have their own fire and police protection. They also want to withdraw taxes for the commons for their own use. They do not believe in a public commons. We forget that even during Katrina there was a separate privately funded "FEMA" to extricate the rich to protected compounds. It was a well kept secreat. (uh...yeah...sure)

Based on the attacks on labor laws and unions the GOP it is obvious that the GOP is ok with an economy where there are enfranchised and disenfranchised workers. Those workers who have jobs that pays a living and those workers who have jobs that are well below the poverty level.

We now see the reason why the media says little about the plight of the unemployed. They are the new detritus of what I call a Jurassic capitalism where the largest and fiercest eat the smaller, weaker and defenseless. The attacks on the poor and unemployed as takers is a symptom of this new GOP reality.

We are now in a time where the Serengeti economy is replaced by a Jurassic variety. It makes the former seem kind.

What is most despicable is that we are letting the GOP get away with their crimes. The Sequestration is just the beginning. Lest we forget their FIRST proposal was to increase Defense, cut taxes on the rich and put ALL THE CUTS on domestic spending, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid et al. That was the Ryan budget that they have NOT given up really.

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