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I have to agree with you on the PA's. Our internist is a great doc, but he keeps you waiting for hours. I don't have the patience. By the time I'm in the waiting room for 3+ hours (last time it was over 4 hours from the appointment time til SR and I got out of that office) my blood pressure was sky high. So I go to his assistant, who takes the time to quietly talk to me and makes good recommendations. SR is more patient. Also, he had a stroke and needs the doc. I'm a stubborn cuss and have come up with my own specialists (from recommendations from another specialist). I've found good docs that way. I believe patients need to take responsibility for their own health and read and be proactive.

As far as the number of doctors, a friend in Cape Coral, Fl, whose husband is a PA, told me there are as many docs as there are grains of sand in Florida. I think she's right. I've only had one doc, a dermatologist, who had been recommended but had closed her practice. I got someone else in her practice who is excellent.

And if you want a dentist in Florida, there must be thousands. Maybe I'm exaggerating, but there are so many who will give multiple opinions, all gouging the patient for big bucks.
I live in Texas so don't know about Florida but according to the AMA we already have a shortage here in Texas yet it doesn't seem to have tranlated to the waiting rooms which are usually near empty. I know this is my own personal experience but I do think there is a lot of hyperbole surounding this issue. I simply do not believe that adding more patients is going to overload our system, not in Fl nor nationally...