But which way are they going?

Obama's sour economy prompts would-be immigrants to drop their dream

Americans, as the well-known center of the human universe, at least in American eyes, are accustomed to thinking of their country as obviously the most desirable destination of any for immigrants seeking to leave troubled lands and/or find a bright new future somewhere else.

Well, here's an unexpected wrinkle.

After 49 months of the Obama administration, a new poll out this morning reveals that the same percentage of Americans would like to move to another country as, say, Mexicans would like to move to the United States. >>>

>>> the attraction of the United States as a destination to build a prosperous personal future has waned.

The job situation has severely worsened under newly re-elected El Presidente Barack "Cinco de Quatro" Obama. The latest monthly U.S. unemployment figures were revised upward to 7.9% again. This compares to Mexico's falling jobless rate of only 6%. >>>

So, watch for the Chicago Democrat to begin arguing soon that the scores of broken promises >>> , the country's spending binge, tax hikes on los rich people and America's economy sagging back into stagnation were really his clever covert efforts to deter new Mexicans from adding to the 11 million illegal immigrants already residing here.

And the only side effects were a severe increase in his country's poverty rate, a 50% increase in food stamps and under- or unemployment for more than 23 million Americans.

The Obama Countdown Clock now stands at 1,425 days left.


I wonder how fleeting the reporting on this would be under a republican administration?