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    Question for Nova: Where is this land to be homesteaded to come from?

    Before you answer, consider that 92% of the tillable land in the US is owned privately, and 80% of it is owned "free and clear", so there is no available farmland to give away......National Parks, forests, and wilderness areas, wetland and wildlife preservation areas perhaps?, Alaska? Mojave nuclear testing range?, Military bases?

    The government doesn't really own farmland, or land that could be ultimately be turned into productive land.......they gave it away a century ago......that ship has sailed.......

    Or do you propose taking it away from it's present legal owners?

    I think it is long past time to tell blacks to either "get with the rest of us" or get the hell out.......we're weary of hearing them whining about their sorry (self-induced) problems.

    When it comes to blacks in America the "80/20" rule" applies in reverse........

    20% of American blacks are productive, educated, articulate, citizens, raising families, building careers, running businesses (including farming), and generally participating in the "American dream" along with the rest of us....

    80% of American blacks are parasites.....uneducated, criminal, unemployable, useless, dependent scum......we don't need to listen to them, or be concerned about their welfare, they are on their own in my book.......

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