I found this link on MSN, when looking at a story about Michelle O's appearance as an Oscar presenter. Ironic placement of this article on the Queen of England, who does practice some budgetary restraint in an article showing Michelle O with her silvery dress and her "wallpaper" of people in uniform behind her. The difference----the Queen has class; the Hawaii travelling, lobster eating, publicity hungry Mrs O doesn't.

Queen Elizabeth knows how to be thrifty when it comes to the Buckingham Palace thermostat.
John Stillwell / Pool via Reuters
A close-up of the queen's thrifty temperature solution.

A newly released photograph shows how the royals keep costs down during the winter.
The picture shows the queen receiving the Australian High Commissioner in the Palaceís ornate Audience room where, instead of a roaring fire, a red-hot, double-bar space heater sits in the fireplace.
The UK's Telegraph offers that such a heater would cost £29.99 Ė or about $46. Buckingham Palace spans 830,000 square feet, and temperatures in London Thursday dipped to a low of 34 degrees.
The queen is known for her frugality, often noting her nationís economic recession when she makes serious cuts in palace budgets.
Mrs "let them eat cake" Obama should take note. When many are suffering in this economy, it doesn't sit well with her hubby golfing with Tiger Woods, her jetting all over for vacations on the taxpayers dime, etc, etc, etc.