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I've never debated liberals...what would be the point? As for a bubble; until this board I had never heard that fundamentals of Political Science and Political Ideologies were somehow a left wing commie plot. You guys are in the bubble and for the life of me I don't see what you have to gain. Why does it matter if Fascism shares traits with Conservatism? That doesn't mean the two equal each other any more than Liberalism equals Communism. They don't and that wasn't my point. But if you are going to sit here and pretend that your ideology has not flaws then the question I am asking is by what means do you have to avoid the pitfalls of your ideology. That is the bubble my friend. I know the pitfalls of my ideology so can avoid them. Can you say the same?
This country was better off the more conservative it was in both society and govt spending. Is it perfect? no but far better then liberalism.