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  1. #1 Rescuers forced to halt bid to reach body of man swallowed by 100ft SINKHOLE 
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    Jeff Bush, 37, screamed for help as he was sucked into the hole in Florida
    Brother: 'I heard him screaming for me but I couldn't do anything'
    'Safe to presume' he is dead, say fire officials
    House deemed too unstable to continue rescue effort
    Sinkhole continues to grow in depth
    Water is accumulating beneath the structure

    By Kerry Mcdermott and Lydia Warren

    PUBLISHED: 07:12 EST, 1 March 2013 | UPDATED: 11:16 EST, 2 March 2013

    Rescue efforts to retrieve the body of a Florida man sucked into a 100-ft-deep sinkhole that opened beneath his bedroom have stalled on Saturday for fear the entire home will collapse.

    Florida authorities described the sinkhole as 'seriously unstable' and said the massive opening will likely continue to grow.

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    was this Bushes fault?
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    Nay... I think he just got sucked into it.
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