Oh noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Fri Mar 1, 2013, 07:23 PM

Met a guy tonight who gets furloughed at midnight.

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Work(ed) for the National Parks Service.

Ever spent time with someone who just that day lost their job? Yeah, it was like that...and no one could tell him, "It'll be over soon," because who the hell knows when this will all get settled?

I am with the President on this. He is doing the right thing, and I pray to any and all listening gods that he stays the course.

This isn't just some bullshit DC theater. This is brinksmanship with actual flesh-and-blood consequences, both near and far. More than a thousand kids will find out they've been thrown off the rolls of Head Start when they wake up tomorrow in Massachusetts, and that's just one state...but if this goes wrong, that program and dozens like it (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid) will be gone forever, instead of just until this all gets settled.

The guy I met tonight is flat-fucked out-of-work no-pay furloughed until further notice. Millions will be flat-fucked screwed if this goes sideways in the long term.

This is not an intellectual exercise. This is flesh-and-blood real.

God damn the House GOP.

If there is a God, then God damn them.
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