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Anarchists are inherently Right wing. A socialist who is calling himself an anarchist is delusional. They are incongruent for you cannot be a socialist without establishing the use of coercion and force on others. Anarchist's believe in free market and free association without coercion.

Totalitarianism/Collective is the far left and Anarchist/Voluntaryism is the far right. I thought you were a big fan of Jonah Goldberg's book Liberal Fascism?. He touches on it a bit and you should have gotten this from it. But I think someone like Feebmaster would be better at educating others about it.

I'll just add that I agree for the most part, but the founders had a deep distrust of government so much that they didn't want a Federal government. I'm for the smallest most unobtrusive government I can get. I do not believe there will ever be no government, but I'd not shed a tear if about 3/4 or it went away. I am indeed anti-government and it is indeed Conservative to be so. What we have today is nothing like what the founders envisioned.
One can be self-described anarchist and delusional. Many anarchists believe that socialism will occur once the corrupting influence of man-made institutions is purged from us. The Jacobins took this line of (tortured) reasoning from Rousseau, but it has been an ongoing thread among leftists who seek to destroy anything that they cannot control. Throughout history, anarchists have self-identified with the left, and the destruction of legal structures, constraints on conduct, property and institutions of Constitutional government has always dovetailed nicely with the left's utopian goals. After all, once law and public order have been erased, it's not that hard to establish a leftist dictatorship. Anarchy is simply one means of getting there.