Hi everyone!

The Update:

Just wanted to let you know that if at all possible, I'm NOT going to be bothering you with ads.

Hopefully we will get by on Donations to ConservativeUnderground.com, via PayPal, alone.
I'm sure you have all noticed how much faster and smoother the board performs
without those pesky ads.

In addition, I will be making changes to the boards hosting hardware. These changes will result in a
reduced monthly cost to run ConservativeUnderground.com. The changes won't take
affect till next month and there may be some brief interruptions but it should go
pretty smooth. Performance should still be pretty fast but I won't lie, it may slow.
How much I can't tell you as I don't know but we should be fine.

Current Status:

You see, up until now, ConservativeUnderground.com has been run on it's own
Dedicated Server. Those aren't cheap. What I have found though is we have too much
horsepower, too much unused hard disk space, and the monthly cost is just too damn high.

By the way, when we had ads, the crappy screen reloads were due to the ad service,
not our hardware. Little wonder the ad provider went belly up.

The Changes:

Therefore, as of next month, we will be moving to a VPS, a Virtual Private Server.
Think of it as a middle point between a Shared Server( low end ) and a Dedicated Server ( High End ).

I secured us a pretty damn good monthly charge and I'm hopeful we won't notice much
of a hit performance wise but only time will tell.

As I said, the move to the VPS will be at the end of March and should take a few days
during which we may/probably will see some hits. I really don't think it'll be bad
as we are swapping equipment, not the hosting provider.

The Request:

ConservativeUnderground.com is here to provide you with a place to discuss the issues that face us
on a daily basis with a conservative slant to be sure. It's a place to rant no matter what your political party,
tell us the good and bad news. All are welcome here. Unless you're
mike_c from DU, you commie POS!!!

If I may, can I ask our membership to financially support ConservativeUnderground.com.
Till now, we have gotten along with donations...no, generous donations, from a small
number of members. How about hearing from the rest of you??? <cough...JB>

Give what you can...or so help me, I'll Force Choke you all!!!

If you like ConservativeUnderground.com and post here, how about kicking in 10 bucs
now and again? Or even once a year, I don't care. It'll help keep the lights on
and get us some software upgrades once in a while.

Man, my dear wife SaintLouieWoman will be shocked at the length of this post!!!!

That's if for now, as it gets closer to the EOM I'll let you all know how the
switch over will go. Thanks for reading!