Bouncy??? You decide...

Sun Mar 3, 2013, 12:12 PM

I just had a bum assault me

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Wow, I was sitting minding my own business waiting for a bus, and this old bum comes up real close to me and starts acting aggressive and all in my face. Calling me chickenshit and pretending to kick and punch me but pulling back at the last moment. At first, I tried to just walk away from him but he followed me. Then I told him he needed help and he sarcastically asked me if I meant psychological help. Finally I had enough of his antics and being all in my face, so I told him I wasn't afraid of him and stood my ground. I'm a decent size guy and could have taken him in a fight, he was skinny and a lot lighter weight than me. He then backed off and went looking for other people to harass.

Unfortunately my cell phone battery was dead otherwise I would have called the cops on this idiot pronto.
A lot of typical DUmmie answers, cbayer stuff is classic!!!

mike_c even chimes in!