RUSH: Yeah, it's fascinating to me to listen to Barney Frank lie and spin. Barney Frank is, I think, more than anybody else responsible for this situation -- and he twists it into the fault of the Republican minority in the House! The Republican minority, parliamentarily, cannot stop anything Barney Frank wants to do. Look at that layer of lies that we got. House Republicans coordinating with McCain against Bush, the Republicans have no role in this other than fixing the problem, and they're only responding 'cause Bush wants something done? This is the guy who said that he didn't know there was a male prostitution ring going on his own basement? Barney Frank needs to testify under oath for what he has done, and so does Chris Dodd!

So Pelosi will not bring a one-sided bill to the floor, says Barney Frank. So now they're deferential to the Republicans. The reason she won't bring this bill to the floor and ram it through is because the bill obviously stinks, and she needs cover. Meanwhile, Obama has not supported the plan. Has anybody noticed this? I have noticed it. Have you heard Obama support the plan? We've got a plan, right? We have a plan; everybody had signed on to it, they said yesterday morning. And then we find out there wasn't a plan, there wasn't an agreement, and I haven't heard Obama say he supports it. See, Obama votes "present." Obama doesn't make decisions. That's why he doesn't want to be there. He wants to be on the phone negotiating and listening.

So seems to me that we could easily say here that Obama and the Democrats don't agree, that Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank want the conservatives to back a bill that their own party leader has refused to back as of right now. They're doing everything to cover for the incompetence of this little man, Barack Obama. I realize you some of you just joining me may think that I have to prove it when I say that Barack Obama admitted he blew up the White House meeting. I'm going to give you two sound bites. First he had a press conference at the Mayflower Hotel. Not long, some hours after the White House meeting blew up, enough time for his thinkers to come up with an explanation. You now know what happened in there.

When Bush went to the Democrats and asked them to start speaking in negotiation, they all deferred to Obama. He didn't know what to say. He had been given notes by friends of Henry Paulson in an e-mail on the way to the meeting. The first thing on the notes was: criticize the Republican proposal. John Boehner was sitting there. He asked Paulson about it. This caused a brouhaha. The meeting fell apart. Obama walked out of there and the Democrats, Harry Reid and Pelosi... I guarantee you they walked out of there knowing full well what had happened, that their guy and his competence had been on full display, that that meeting broke down because of him and his inability to run it and lead it, as they tried to engineer. So they had to start damage control, and the first thing out of the box was this.