BERLIN, Ohio — Classes at Oberlin College were canceled on Monday after a series of “hate-related incidents” on campus, the school announced on its website.

Officials say the latest problem occurred Monday morning near the African Heritage House, where a person wearing a hood and robe resembling the KKK was spotted.

“As I was driving in my car, I saw, what seemed to be someone in KKK paraphernalia walking around,” said Sunceray Tavler, a student who reported the incident.

That event, in addition to other challenging issues that have faced the community in recent weeks, forced school administrators to suspend formal classes and all non-essential activities on Monday.

“These events have been going on for a month. It started with some graffiti, some swastikas being drawn on buildings, posters are being defaced, people are getting very upset,” said A.D. Hogan, senior class president.

Instead of class, students were encouraged to participate in a series of discussions planned Monday.

“I came to Oberlin believing in the progressive history of Oberlin,” said student Warren Harding. “The first to admit African-Americans and women. But still realizing the challenges that these marginalized groups have had at Oberlin.”

Campus police are still investigating. Classes will resume Tuesday.
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Oh the horror.

The KKK in Tulsa used to be part of the Democrat party, may still be for all I know.