Yeah, sure you did. BOUNCY!!!

Wed Mar 6, 2013, 12:31 PM

Got in a PISSER With The Landlord

..Went down to get a new switch plate for the light switch this morning. The landlord ask me how I was doing with my job search, I said WELL I just got approved for another 26 weeks of unemployment benefits so I can start and finish out my training program.I am working towards my Class A CDL.

She asked who is paying for the training program I said the state and WIA. She said why should the state pay for you to retrain for a new job. I said so I can get back to work and get off of UE. She said WELL!!! the state shouldnt have to pay for every unfortunate circumstance in your life. I replied and reminded her that 25% of her rents were being paid by UE benefits currently and that those benefits are saving her property management company thousands in legal cost not having to evict people and adding to the bottom line.

I closed by saying if the state shouldn't be paying for this then how about we make corporations pay, they are the ones laying people off not the state. Perhaps they took a risk in hiring me so why shouldn't the risk include retraining me if they fall on hard times, that is not my fault.

Her eyes just rolled to the back of her head.
Just missing the "So"...