It's a shame when Will starts drinking so early...

Fri Mar 8, 2013, 09:13 AM

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I see so many threads about who is or isn't or should or shouldn't run for president in 2016.

The fuck I give about who's running for president in 2016 is so small, it cannot be measured by any means known to science. The fuck I give is so small, it only exists in theory, like a quark or a superstring.

2014, people. Get your heads in the game.

90% of the reason shit is so fucked up right now is because everyone - well-meaning people, too - get all "Ermahgerd, presidential race!" and completely forget that almost all the government we have to deal with gets elected during the midterms...and 30% turnout (with 80% of that coming from far-righties who ALWAYS VOTE) = the current miserable situation in the House of Representatives = the current miserable state of the nation.

Fuck 2016. It'll come when it comes.

In the meantime, all politics is local, and happening next year.

Heads in the game, folks.

He should be passed out by noon.