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Yeah, but ...

What with the Sequestration, we can't afford to keep in in prison these days. Is cheaper to just clamp on an electronic ankle bracelet and keep track of him!

Heard that on either Herman Cain's, or Mark Stein (sp?) filling in for Rush's program this morning.

So ... Kwame Kilpatrick will be just fine! No need to worry ... move on!

Did you read the list of charges he was found guilty of? There is no way he walks away without doing at least 5 years, probably more. The prosecution had a very solid case, even if the media was skeptical about whether he would be found guilty or not.

Kwame has been very uncooperative with his MDOC parole officer on the terms from his perjury conviction, so I am not surprised at all that he was taken into custody.

The Kilpatricks have no friends in the current administration. In 2008, they supported Hillary. Shortly after that came Kwame's downfall and resignation. No way Obama was going to go anywhere near that mess.

I still want justice for Strawberry, the stripper who he probably had killed, but that is not likely to happen. It is one of those "Everybody Knows" kinds of things that Leonard Cohen sings about.