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  1. #1 Teabaggers swarm WA State Capitol armed with assault rifles 
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    Mon Mar 11, 2013, 11:57 AM

    Bjorn Against (7,838 posts)

    Teabaggers swarm WA State Capitol armed with assault rifles

    The Washington State Legislature is considering around 30 bills to reduce gun deaths and gun violence in that state and TEApublican gun-nuts are so mad they could shoot someone!

    The Gun Safety bills being considered by the legislature include such affronts to freedom as:

    Universal Background Checks
    Making it a crime of reckless endangerment to leave a loaded gun where it can be accessed by children
    Allow city governments to decide whether guns are allowed at their parks or recreational areas.
    Prohibiting guns on school campuses.


    So about 200 whacko Tea Party-types descended on the Capitol, brandishing firearms – because if kids, crooks, and dangerous people don’t have access to guns, then we’re living in a Socialist Marxist Communist Nazi wasteland.

    Does any sane person think it is a good idea to have teabaggers armed with assault rifles in a place where they can open fire on entire groups of state legislators? These people are proof that gun control is badly needed.

    This fweedom thing is vewy scewy!!! Can't the Pwesident do sumptin?!!!
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