All conservative candidates running for political office, as well as their family members, should boycott any interviews with Perky Katie Couric from this point on. Perky Katie Couric's ONLY goal is to derail the campaign of any real conservative trying to run for office, and Governor Sarah Palin is one of those real conservatives that Perky Katie Couric is trying to destroy. Any conservative candidate would be foolish to believe that they can actually score points with the electorate from a Perky Katie Couric interview. Here's the proof:

First, check out this latest interview which Perky Kirky had with Governor Sarah Palin. Notice how, once they are both seated, the tension is so thick, you could cut it with a knife! Also, notice Couric's long face, as well as the countless number of 'gotcha' questions which Couric throws at Governor Palin:

Now check out this earlier interview which Perky Katie Couric did with Joe Biden on the campaign trail, shortly after he was selected as Obamessiah's running mate. Notice the included news clips designed to prop up Biden prior to and during the interview. Also notice the relaxed, easy-going rapport between the Perkmeister and Joe Biden during the interview segments. And the softball questions! And, yes, that $15 million PERKY smile! Here's the video:

The point is, Sarah Palin should have REFUSED the interview with Perky Katie Couric, and so should ALL other conservative candidates, and their families.

Perky Katie Couric is a SORRY excuse for an objective journalist! :mad: