Guess there are some who don't want to pay their fair share. And the country doesn't care. To them this man can do no wrong.

President Obama’s White House staff apparently are sequestering their own income tax payments because at least some of them are way behind in paying the Internal Revenue Service.

According to the IRS, some 40 White House aides owed a total of $333,485 in overdue tax. Last year at this time, some 36 White House aides owed a lot more — $833,000 — so it’s fair to conclude that there has been a significant improvement in tax compliance obligations year over year at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Congress requires the IRS to make this report every year of government employee tax arrearages, but of the vast federal workforce, only IRS employees themselves can be fired for nonpayment of their federal taxes. The specific identities of those White House employees who have failed to pay their taxes on time is confidential pursuant to privacy provisions under federal law.

Although White House tours have been canceled ostensibly because of the sequester-driven automatic budget cuts, 139 White House staffers earn $100,000 or more in salary, which is a lot more than the average American brings home, and are still on the payroll. The automatic budget cuts only account for about 2.4 percent of the entire federal budget.