Feb. 11, 2013 6:52pm Mytheos Holt
Did President Obama nominate an Islamic convert with a decades old connection to the most anti-American variant of that religion to a post no less potent than the director of the CIA?

That is the hot charge against John Brennan that gained rapid viral traction over the weekend because of comments made by an ex-FBI agent known for his efforts to expose radical Islamists.

John Guandolo first made the accusation during a recent radio interview. Today he repeated the charge during an interview with TheBlaze in which we pressed him to provide details that might substantiate his case.

There is a lot to sort through here, and as is often the case when viral charges start to spread, readers would be wise to keep an eye out for as many hard facts as possible.

Let’s start with the radio interview that triggered the current viral wave. Guandolo made a third party accusation during a Friday interview with the famously anti-Muslim talk show host Tom Trento. The entire interview can be viewed below

Another rumor I hadn't heard, it would look as though much has already been scrubbed from YouTube, we can't be letting people decide by themselves.