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I know you guys hate Diane Feinstein for a lot of reasons, and I don't agree with her on this issue, either.

But her reasons are personal. She witnessed the murders of Mayor Moscone and Harvey Milk. She probably still has nightmares about it. She thinks that what she is doing will prevent situations like that-she's wrong about the method, but the goal of reducing violence is not a bad goal.
Her reasons may be personal (although I suspect that, like the rest of the liberals who are exploiting the shooting in Connecticut, she is more opportunistic than genuinely committed to reducing crime), but they are not valid. To put it another way, why should I disarm myself and my family because of a murder in the city that she ran, and which has always been a bastion of gun control? Feinstein is playing the victim card, but I guarantee that if Milk and Moscone were still around, she'd happily push this through.

BTW, if she is against violence, why didn't she speak out when the Occutards were trashing her home town?