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    This struck me funny while reading about O saying Iran is a year away from nuclear power.

    At the side of the page is a poll which reads:

    Are you surprised it's actually illegal for 140,000 unmarried Virginia couples to be living together?

    My first thought made me laugh out loud and disturbed the poor sleeping cat. Wow! That makes 280,000 people all together under one roof!

    Here are the choices given ...

    #1 - Yes. How is that possible?
    #2 - No. There are a lot of outdated laws.
    #3 - If that's true, I'm breaking the law.

    I don't vote in polls, but usually read them if they let you view the results, without doing so.

    ** Edited to add, should have titled this: "Yet Another Ridiculous Poll!"
    Too late now.

    Oh well ... just remembered something I should be doing, instead of playing in here! See ya!
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    Can you imagine 140,000 men farting at night and 140,000 woman yelling at them for doing it.
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