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So there are really spells and things? That sounds so medieval. Then again, my church is moving back to chant masses so I guess I shouldn't talk. Interesting that it's all about manipulating people. That's one benefit of praying to God, who has a choice whether to answer your prayers or not, sometimes for your own good.

Oh, no. I bet they thought they were Egyptian queens in a past life. Ever notice how no one was ever a kitchen maid in a previous life? Or the guy who picked up the horse crap? It's always royalty or priestesses or some other nonsense. You'd think if there were past lives, most of them would have been just as uneventful as they are now.

LOL! Leave to a Brit to state the obvious. Very funny.

I used to believe in reincarnation, because I had what I thought were past life experiences. They weren't of me as a queen, they were of me as a Jew dying in a concentration camp. My niece had similar experiences as a small child, in which she was a black child in Africa whose father was a soldier. My theory on this now is not reincarnation, but more of a different understanding of matter and how God works. I'm not saying this is right, but maybe these experiences are allowed by God so that those people's lives and deaths are not forgotten (by humans, not God) just because their bodies were buried in mass graves, or baked in ovens.

My grandpa used to say this-he said our bodies are made of matter, and maybe one little piece contains a piece of some dead person's memory. I'm not a scientist, nor an engineer like he was. What I thought were past life experiences could also be a Jungian thing-images I saw as a child of the death camps that were ingrained into my mind to the point I thought they were real memories. I was a little kid in the 60s. My niece was born in 2000, but when in the past 13 years wasn't there some horrific conflict somewhere in Africa being covered on the nightly news?

The Wicca books all say that spells are like prayers with candles. They are incantations to the Goddess to intervene in human lives-get me that job, make that guy fall in love with me, and so on. One of my friends asked me to hex her father-I told her no way. There are hexes, but I never really put one out there. That former boss of mine who developed impotency was not my fault! He used Rogaine! Mentally picturing me sticking pins in the crotch of a voodoo doll had no power whatsoever!