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    7% I could understand but how in the hell does he get 47% ?
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    Because when you have a fawning media who consistently places blame everywhere else but him, it's easy. Look at the contrast. When Bush was in office and after the Dems regained controll of congress, when things went to shit, the blame was laid squarely at Bush's feet. Then when Obama was elected and had a super majority, when things were still going to shit, the blame was laid at Bush's feet still. Then when the GOP re-took the house, the media and the left still blamed Bush but now they had a new target and that is the Republican majority. So, things are still going to shit but now it's the Republican's fault and, oddly, Bush's fault.
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    Some is how they ask the question. Some is his charm. Like him or not, he does have a bit of charm. But so did Hitler. Its how he gets people to do what he wants, a smile, a wink and saying just enough to get people to fill in the rest with what they want, and not what he said.
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