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    Creepy Baby Pears Will Keep You Healthy, Murder You in Your Sleep!

    We’ve all seen pictures online of dogs that look like their owners, clouds in the shape of giant dragons and burnt toast that some people swear contains an effigy of Jesus or the virgin Mary, but never before have we witnessed pears intentionally produced to look like sleeping human babies.

    Retailing in Chinese as “happy/joyful doll pears”, the fruit is believed to be shaped during its initial stages of growth using special molds. From then, the fruit continues to expand with the same proportions until it reaches maturation as a fully-grown baby… pear… monster thing.
    This would probably be a good Caption this thread!

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    So that's where babies come from! I was told that it was the stork!

    I prefer embryonic pears. They are more helpless and they have better stem cells.
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